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"…a slow shutter on ambulation…"

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Recycled Explosions: Coming Soon

I have wonderful news! The cover art is done, the blurb has been obtained, the proofing has all been completed. Now all that I await is to receive Recycled Explosions from Ink Brush Press! Readers, you ought to be able to order copies from Barnes and Noble and other online bookstores in just a few days. Until then, please enjoy this preview. This stunning cover was designed by Jerry Craven at Ink Brush and features a painting by Thomas Moran.

recycled explosions cover

“Chera Hammons’ Recycled Explosions places us in an elusive and at times frightening narrative, moving along Judas-filled landscapes where we may or may not ‘find a way back to what [we] know.’  Perhaps whatever inheritance we once had—or believed in—is gone.  Still, Hammons ‘keeps vigil.’  Her poems remind us that, despite the times we live in, we seek to be blessed, even if the angel we wrestle turns out to be only a ‘reflection’ of ourselves.” – Jeff Hardin, author of Notes for a Praise Book and Restoring the Narrative